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What Makes A Product Great

2023-12-27 10:58:10

We find that a great product is about much more than features and functions, than just solving a problem. A great product addresses the Body (knows the user), Mind (delivers value), and Spirit (elegant & touches emotions). Here are the key characteristics from our Product experts:

Delivers great value – the product solves a real user’s [or market’s] problem
Price per value – users are willing to pay for the value they receive from the product
Improves life – the product provides meaning and makes the user’s life better

Easy onboarding – getting started with the product is easy; the desired value can be achieved quickly
Aesthetically pleasing – the product is attractive; the solution provided is “elegant”
Emotionally resonates – the user feels good when they use the product
Exceeds expectations – delivers more value than expected
Social proof – credible reviews testify to the value of the product. There is a buzz in the market praising the product
Habit-generating – becomes part of the user’s ecosystem; they can’t imagine not using it.
Scalable – the more of the product that is produced, the less the cost per unit
Reliable – the product can be counted on to operate correctly with no errors
Safe – the product can be operated in a safe manner and causes no safety issues
Compliance – the product meets all regulatory & industry requirements
Easy-to-use – the product is intuitive; it learns about the user and anticipates their needs
Performs well – the product is responsive; it delivers results in a timely manner.