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OEM/ODM Vape Branding/Customization Unique

Manufacturers can help you open mold for new looks. Classic shapes like elf bar, vaporesso, Vopoo and Lost Mary is customizable. Or if you want unique new design, we can open mold for it. Not only this, we can help you customize puff numbers, battery models and battery capacity, flavors, nicotine proportion, etc.

You can apply new design pattern and packaging, too. For example, if you like to apply unique design patterns, or use leather wrap, or whatever new things you want to try.

    Customize Vape Specification


    1. It is okay to customize puffs. 3000 puffs , 5000puffs, 10000puffs or 12000puffs are entirely up to you.
    2. You can customize any flavors you like, such as Blue Razz Ice, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Watermelon, Gummy Drops, Watermelon White Grapeberry, Orange Soda, Lemonade Ice, etc.
    3. You can also customize nicotine proportion, 1.5%, 3%, or 5%, 8%, etc.
    4. You can also customize battery model & battery size, like battery 18650, and capacity 2500 mah, 3000mah, 5000mah.

    Customize The Look

    1. We can help you open mold for a new look that’s similar to brands like elf bar, vaporesso, Vopoo and Lost Mary, or you can offer your new design shape. Anything is possible. Sky is the limit.
    2. We can help you apply unique design patterns on it. If you want rough design like lions and animals, or multiple colors design, or any special features, that is doable. Just let us know your requirements.

    Customize Unique Features

    We can help you customize unique features that's new to the market. For example.
    1. We can apply LED light on it; There will be lighting effect. That is, lights will be on when you smoke. It looks a lot more cool and attractive. It is also quite eye-catching in the crowd.
    2. We can use leather wrap around the tube to enhance the feel during smoking so the customers will feel the high quality of our products. This is just an example, you can come up with more ideas to try.
    3. We can mix two flavors of vapes together. For example, we can make magnetic vapes, which consists of two parts and you can inhale two flavors, watermelon and blueberry, together at once and you can mix flavors as you want, which means you can mix watermelon and orange soda together as well.
    4. Other features to be discussed.


    About MOQ

    Different manufacturers have different MOQs for customization. It also depends on your specific requirements. Normally, the minimum order needs to be at least 2000pcs per flavor and 20,000 pcs in total.