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OEM/ODM/Baby Formula Dispenser Machine/Automatic Powder Blending

Looking for a convenient and fast way to make baby formula? Look no further! Most advanced way to automatically make a warm, formula bottle instantly. More accurate, consistent, hygienic & faster than hand scooping.

Ready to use anytime. Calm a screaming baby immediately. It keeps water at the desired temperature 24/7, body temperature water standby anytime. Change the traditional time wasting way of warming bottle in hot water.

Convenient Night Light: This water warmer for baby formula comes with Night light lights up when dispensing, easier for checking the water output and avoid mess during mid-night. The soft night light perfectly comforts hungry and crying baby, makes your baby enjoy a happy night.

Safe Material with High Performance: This baby instant warmer is made with BPA-Free and 100% food-grade high-temperature resistant material. No plastic smell, No harmful ingredients. Anti-leak, non-toxic, safe use for baby.

    Do OEM with our suppliers


    1.It is okay to customize your brand. You can put your name and logo on the product or on the packaging. Or you can sell neutral-branding products. It is entirely up to you.

    2.You can either have common color box or high-quality, exquisite gift box for your product. Different packaging brings different effects.

    Function is important

    1. For products like this, reliable function is a must. To ensure that, we have to choose the products produced by reliable manufacturers who is experienced in the field. With their expertise, we can ensure the quality of it while maintaining lower costs.

    About MOQ

    If you just become interested in this product or just start selling this product, we can help you purchase small amount of quantity, for example, like starting with 500pcs for neutral or existing brand. And if you have large customer base, we can help you negotiate with suppliers about price and we can help you brand it so you can increase your profit margin.

    Shipping arrangement

    1. We work with many different shipping agencies for a long-term, no matter it is sample shipping like Fedex, UPS, and DHL, or cheaper air shipping, train shipping and sea shipping for bulk order.

    2. We also have team who can help you do dropshipping directly from China. This way, you can save a lot of cost on warehouse and human management and local shipping. You can just focus on marketing and how to boost sales. For example, to ship to the US, we have very low air shipping price from China. And after placing orders, within 5-12 days, your customer will receive the product. It’s quite speedy.